Fine art double self portrait


Project made in collaboration with Tina Genovia Obreja

A portrait is easy to make once we know composition, technique and editing. The challenge comes with the wish to attain an image which is able to wake up an emotion, a feeling, a condition. And the biggest challenge of all is to make a self portrait. It’s a type of photography which allows you to know yourself and to reveal parts of you which you never knew that they were there… you will get to know most of you, most of your feelings and emotions. Started in mid – February, Identities came to life from the idea of collaboration between two photographers, two different minds and conceptions brought together to create something new, perhaps unique. As a result Identities have more then 30 images in which is mirroring our personalities as a single being, incorporating our experiences, our desires, our fears and our state of mind.

How did it started?

As a game. With an idea. Often when we worked at our projects or on our images we were asking for opinion to each other about composition, editing or what do we think of one image or another. Identities was born in one of those late nights spent editing or watching online workshops. We were talking and out of the sudden we came with the idea to create at least 20 images of conceptual self portraits, on which each image to suggest a feeling.

As said and done. We started to draw future images and soon enough we move together in Barlad in order to start implementing our ideas and start looking for props and locations. It was not easy but we knocked on all the door that could help us with props and started looking for old houses, hills and lakes that we wanted for our images. The time was not always on our side but all obstacles that we faces was a source of inspiration because it challenged our creativity and… how to learn from mistakes.

During the course of project implementation we had both fun and dangerous moments, we were really close to be bitten by 5 immense dogs, we endured really cold weather, we almost fall in almost frozen lake and so may others. We laughed, we had fun, we learned from each other and from our experiences, we lived beautiful moments and … the most important thing we finish a project that we hope you will all enjoy.

Last but not least we want to thank everyone who helped us, especially to Tina’s mother, without whom the project would have been much harder.  Also special thanks to Denisa Costin and Lacramioara Menciu who helped us with props and clothes, Tina’s father and all the others who have given a helping hand during the development of the series.

Comfort zone




Reflexion of me

Same life to live



To the wonderland

Keepers of time


Different shapes

20 past ten




Circle of lfe